Custom Renovation, Construction, & Framing of Event Center

Renovation, Construction, & Framing of Event Center
Renovation, Construction, & Framing of Event Center
Renovation, Construction, & Framing of Event Center in Augusta, Georgia
Renovation, Construction, & Framing of Event Center in Augusta, Georgia

Macuch Steel Products was commissioned by the city of Augusta, Georgia to provide support in the construction of a large expansion to their existing convention center. This new construction project, to be known as the TEE Center, required the coordination of our services with tight engineering and design requirements. We participated through the application of our material production capabilities.

A series of different processes were applied during our work, which primarily consisted of custom steel fabrication. Individual capabilities included sawing, beam lining, cambering, welding, plate shear, burn, and duplication, angle mastering, stud welding, and painting. Steel beam material, specified by the project’s structural engineering support, consisted of ASTM A992, ASTM A500, and ASTM A36. Other material included glass and stainless steel. Manufacture of individual beams and trusses was held to excellent tolerances of ±1/16.” At the end of this 3-story high project, our contributions included 1,068 tons of steel beam and truss, with the heaviest truss weighing over 43,000 lbs.

Our role in this project closely followed the CAD resources and scheduling determined by the engineers and contractor. Manufacturing and welding work were held to exceptional levels of quality, with all welds confirmed by an AWS-certified weld inspector. Our efforts in this project allowed for a unique and innovative expansion to take place in a timely and efficient manner.

To learn more about our work in this project, see the table below, and contact us directly today.

Renovation, Construction, and Framing of Event Center Project Highlights

Product Description
100,000 square feet of construction including: New Construction, Composite Framing, Truss Framing, and Renovation of Historical Building
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Beam Line
Plate Shear
Plate Burning
Press Brake
Plate Duplicator
Angle Master
Stud Welding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Same machines listed in processes above
Structural Engineer
  • Uzun & Case Architect
  • Tvs design General Contractor
  • R. W. Allen, LLC
Overall Area
Approximately 110,000 Square Feet
Tightest Tolerances
+/- 1/16”
Materials Used
ASTM A992, ASTM A500, ASTM A36 Largest Truss
  • 15’ X 150’ Heaviest Truss
  • 43,807 lbs
Additional Facts
3 Floors
Tonnage: 1,068 Structural Steel
Stairs: Monumental (7’2” X 40’)
Rails: Stainless Steel and Glass
In process testing/inspection performed
Welding (AWS Certified Weld Inspector)Quality
Industry for Use
New Construction and Renovation
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Per Job Schedule
Delivery Location
Augusta, GA
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 3D Modeled Drawings
Product Name
New Construction and Renovation of a Historical Building Trade, Exhibit and Event Center (TEE Center)
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