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Manufacturing Matters—National Manufacturing Day Celebrates Hard Working Industries

The modern manufacturing industry has been in existence since the Industrial Revolution and continues to turn raw materials into finished goods. These goods include aircrafts, vehicles, appliances, as well as other components that are used to make more complex products. Once a thriving, economy-sustaining industry, the Manufacturing Day Imagepublicized increase of offshoring and resulting reductions in U.S. based operations has led to the misconception that manufacturing is a dead industry. Not so. With events such as Manufacturing Day, the goal is to educate the public regarding the manufacturing industry and increase the impact of technological innovations. This isn’t the same industry it was 50 years ago.

In order to address these common misperceptions regarding the manufacturing industry, Manufacturing Day gives all manufacturers a chance to invite the public into their world. This one day, national event, enables manufacturers to come together to inform the public about the work they do, the careers available, and the importance of a strong U.S. manufacturing industry for future generations. Computers have changed the way we work and manufacturing is no different. Manufacturing matters and seeing the advanced technologies such as CNC and CAD/CAM in action is a powerful force for students and the community.

Co-produced by the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International®, Manufacturing Day is taking place on October 2nd with events scheduled across the country. As steel has been premier material for manufacturing from its earliest days, Macuch Steel is a proud supporter of the Manufacturing Day movement. Steel is an integral part of the construction industry and most large structures such as buildings, bridges, and stadiums are made with structural steel. In vehicle manufacturing, steel is still the main material for all types of fabrications.

The manufacturing industry continues to push on toward the future and events like those taking place during this year’s Manufacturing Day highlight the positive impact the manufacturing industry has on the future. Our steel products and capabilities have been supporting the manufacturing and construction industries for years and will continue to do so. Making it in America offers a world of opportunities!

Harrington Park Health & Rehabilitation – Augusta, Georgia

Harrington Park Health & Rehabilitation – Augusta, Georgiaharrington park health rehabilitation

Currently under construction (since January 2015), the Harrington Park Health & Rehab Skilled Nursing Facility is comprised of 43,855 square feet. It has over 50 patient rooms, laundry facility, and kitchen/food service area. The center offers occupational and physical rehabilitation. Project is scheduled for March 2015.

Harrington Park Health & Rehabilitation – Building PlanOur contact for this job, Pat Etheridge, is the Senior Vice President and Director of Healthcare Construction for Pelicano Construction. Since 1995, Pat had concentrated on Healthcare projects including hospitals, medical office buildings, ambulatory surgical centers, medical equipment installations/replacements and doctor’s offices. Pat joined the Pelicano team in 2005 as the Director of Healthcare Construction. He has been recognized as a Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) and is an active member of the American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE), Georgia Society for Healthcare Engineers (GASHE), and Georgia Society for Hospital Engineers (GSHE), and the American Hospital Association (AHA).

Harrington Park Health & Rehabilitation – foundation and structureDue to the quality fabrication and expertise displayed during the erection process, Steling Nelson (President of the Health Systems Development, LLC – managing the development of Harrington Park) personally reached out to our CEP Bill Macuch. He requested a tour of our facility to learn more about our operation.

Macuch Steel Products, Inc. is AISC Certified Standard for Steel Building Structures and Simple Bridges.

General Contractor: Pellicano Construction


Welcome to the “Family of Steel” at Macuch

The Macuch Steel "Family" enjoys the 65th Anniversary celebration.

The Macuch Steel “Family” enjoys the 65th Anniversary celebration.

At Macuch Steel, we like to call ourselves the Family of Steel—and it’s not just because our company is in the hands of the fourth generation of family owners. We’ve seen tremendous growth since 1948, and we’ve been able to employ local citizens and neighbors thereby expanding our “family.”

Macuch Steel employees enjoying BBQ catered by Sconyers Bar-B-Que

Macuch Steel employees enjoying BBQ catered by Sconyers Bar-B-Que.

In addition, we’ve added various affiliated companies to the family, including: Em-Co Metal Products, Inc., Shewmake Steel Erection, Inc., Southeastern Stair & Rail, LLC, and Macuch Structural Steel Detailing. These affiliates can help us handle everything from stairs to installation allowing us to offer our clients a full range of “in-house” services to complete the entire building process from inception to completion.

Although our main focus is providing steel beams and rebar for commercial construction projects, we haven’t forgotten our foundation. Our founder, John Macuch, started Macuch Steel by making ornamental steel rails and stairs, which the company made, delivered, and installed. Now, we’re proud to say that we fabricate more than 10 thousand tons of structural steel each year for commercial construction projects, and our steel can be found across the U.S. from a warehouse in Portland, Oregon to a production facility in Rhode Island, down to a hospital in Arcadia, Florida.

And this year, as we celebrate our 65th anniversary, we hope to continue to see our family grow. In house, we celebrated this momentous occasion by inviting our employees to bring their families to the steel plant—and more than 200 people attended, taking tours to see what their family members do each day at Macuch while enjoying a barbeque, which you can see more about on our Facebook page.

As we move into our 66th year, we’d like to invite you to join our family as well and see how Macuch can help you. Learn more about our products and services by heading over to our website, and don’t forget to subscribe to these posts on the top right of this page.