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Getting the Benefits of In-House Without the Costs and Trouble

In a time of market volatility, customers can depend on the experience and stability of our “in-house” experts. Think of the benefits of having your own in-house structural steel facility… There are many major worries that you could eliminate from your day-to-day operations. Things like quality control, transportation costs, and material issues would no longer keep you up at night. The biggest problem with this dream might be the overwhelming start-up costs. Just purchasing the machinery can put you in the red for years, not to mention hiring and training workers to both operate and maintain the equipment. It would be ideal to find a solution for Benefits of In House Imagethe inkling of hesitation. At Macuch Steel Products, we have the tools for this age-old problem. Our biggest goal is to bring customers all the benefits of an in-house structural steel operation without the costs and staffing headaches.

From Inception to Completion

In many ways, Macuch is six outstanding companies under one family-owned and operated umbrella. Each of our divisions offers contractors unique services that act like your own personal in-house operation.

  • Structural Steel
    Our full-service shop provides clients estimating, budget pricing, detailing, engineering calculations, fabrication, welding, shearing, bending, punching, painting services, and installation.
  • Rebar
    Since the 1960’s, builders all over the Southeastern U.S. have come to Macuch for their rebar needs. We supply just about every type of rebar you will ever need.
  • Steel Service Center
    As well as carrying a wide range of steel products, Macuch will also cut, punch, bend, weld, and paint steel to our customers’ specifications.
  • Em-Co Metal Products, Inc: Structural Steel Fabrication
    Located just outside Savannah, this smaller offshoot of Macuch mainly focuses on heavy welding high-man-hour-per-ton types of work. This facility fabricates steel in lengths typically up to 60′, widths up to 17′, and weights that range up to 10 tons, with 170′ lengths.
  • Shewmake Steel Erection Inc.
    If you need efficient and cost-effective installation and erection of structural or other steel products, our subsidiary Shewmake is the perfect choice. We have the experience crew to operate cranes, lifts, trucks, and welding equipment to complete all of your projects.
  • Southeastern Stair & Rail
    If you need high quality stair and rail products, including ladders, compound radius stairs, grating platforms, grating treads, hand railing, ornamental railings, monumental stairs, primary egress stairs, and guard rails then Southeastern Stair & Rail is the perfect choice.

By allowing the divisions that make up the Macuch family to handle all the services above, you get personalized service without having to pay the often-debilitating cost of bringing everything in-house. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

If you want to learn how to eliminate your next contracting head-ache, please visit our website. We also post more industry news on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Hospitals Across the Country are Starting a Construction Boom

Presbyterian HospitalAccording to a recent article in Fierce Healthcare, US hospital construction is booming. States including Ohio, Kansas, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Maine are all planning hospital construction projects, many which will begin in 2014. The construction and growth is due to assessing the needs of the population and finding a changing demand in healthcare services.

According to the article, New Jersey’s population is aging more rapidly than the rest of the country and is therefore focused on building more outpatient services. In Ohio the state is upgrading its hospitals to better reflect patients’ needs as well as updating to keep pace with advancing science. And other hospitals are expanding to keep up with a growing population.

Presbyterian Hospital3

At Macuch we’re always excited to hear about more construction projects and we suspect that as the economy continues to improve more hospitals will be able to start construction projects, even our neighboring county, Columbia County, is starting the process to build a new hospital. As a full-service steel provider we have helped build hospitals from the ground up, whether it’s providing rebar or our installation services our Family of Steel can handle it all. To learn more about steel services and to view past projects, visit our website.

Welcome to the “Family of Steel” at Macuch

The Macuch Steel "Family" enjoys the 65th Anniversary celebration.

The Macuch Steel “Family” enjoys the 65th Anniversary celebration.

At Macuch Steel, we like to call ourselves the Family of Steel—and it’s not just because our company is in the hands of the fourth generation of family owners. We’ve seen tremendous growth since 1948, and we’ve been able to employ local citizens and neighbors thereby expanding our “family.”

Macuch Steel employees enjoying BBQ catered by Sconyers Bar-B-Que

Macuch Steel employees enjoying BBQ catered by Sconyers Bar-B-Que.

In addition, we’ve added various affiliated companies to the family, including: Em-Co Metal Products, Inc., Shewmake Steel Erection, Inc., Southeastern Stair & Rail, LLC, and Macuch Structural Steel Detailing. These affiliates can help us handle everything from stairs to installation allowing us to offer our clients a full range of “in-house” services to complete the entire building process from inception to completion.

Although our main focus is providing steel beams and rebar for commercial construction projects, we haven’t forgotten our foundation. Our founder, John Macuch, started Macuch Steel by making ornamental steel rails and stairs, which the company made, delivered, and installed. Now, we’re proud to say that we fabricate more than 10 thousand tons of structural steel each year for commercial construction projects, and our steel can be found across the U.S. from a warehouse in Portland, Oregon to a production facility in Rhode Island, down to a hospital in Arcadia, Florida.

And this year, as we celebrate our 65th anniversary, we hope to continue to see our family grow. In house, we celebrated this momentous occasion by inviting our employees to bring their families to the steel plant—and more than 200 people attended, taking tours to see what their family members do each day at Macuch while enjoying a barbeque, which you can see more about on our Facebook page.

As we move into our 66th year, we’d like to invite you to join our family as well and see how Macuch can help you. Learn more about our products and services by heading over to our website, and don’t forget to subscribe to these posts on the top right of this page.