Macuch Steel Celebrates Made In America Steel

Recent news has focused on reshoring efforts, and at Macuch Steel, we’re proud to say we have always supported the Made in America initiative. All our projects are not only fabricated in America, but we use steel sourced from the United States. We purchase our steel from service centers throughout the Southeast, and also from mills located in GA, SC, NC, VA, IN, AL, FL, TN, and AK.

As an American, family-owned business, we understand the challenges of running a business.  We believe it is necessary to support our fellow business owners. Our CEO, William L. Macuch, feels it is extremely important to buy steel made in the USA for three reasons: it helps maintain infrastructure in the USA, it provides jobs in this country, and it supports our economy.  If we continue to outsource and purchase products made outside of our country, we eventually lose our capability to manufacture on our own soil.

At Macuch Steel, we can help you with everything from the initial concept to the final build, providing everything from estimating, detailing, fabrication, welding, bending, painting, installation, and more. To view recent projects that have been completed with American made steel, visit our website.

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